VA Optometry Service Conference Call 5-20-16

VA Optometry Service Conference Call Minutes 5-20-16
VHA Handbook 1907.07 Management of Health Records File Room and Scanning 5-12-16.
VHA Handbook 1200.17 DVA Non Profit Research and Education Corporations Authorized by Title 38 USC Sections 7361 Through 7366 4-27-16.pdf
VHA Handbook 1153.01 Use of CMS and USRDS Data in VHA 4-15-16.pdf
VHA Directive 7702 Industrial Hygiene Exposure Assessment Program 4-29-16.pdf
VHA Directive 1910 Patient Information Collection Management Processes 5-6-16.pdf
VHA Directive 1732 Reporting Medical Care Collection Funds Cost to Collect 5-12-16.pdf
VHA Directive 1604 Data Entry Requirements for Administrative Data 4-22-16.pdf
VHA Directive 1200 Research and Development Program 5-13-16.pdf
VHA Directive 1153 Access to CMS and USRDS Data for VHA Users in DVA IT Systems 4-15-16.pdf