VA Optometry Service Conference Call 06-16-17

VA Optometry Service Conference Call Minutes 6-16-17

Open Optometry Positions
VHA Dir 1138.01 Pt self testing for monitoring PT INR in pts on warfarin ACT 5-12-17
VHA Dir 1149 Criteria for AA passes and capus priv for residents in CLCs 6-1-17
VHA Dir 1235 Use of Antiretroviral Agents and Px-Tx of infec in HIV+ vets 5-19-17
VHA Directive 1120.01 Core Requirements for MOVE Weigt Mgmt Prog for Vets 6-5-17
VHA Directive 1137 Provision of Complementary and Integrative Health 5-18-17
VHA Directive 1167 MH EOC Checklist for MH Units Tx Suicidal Pts 5-12-17
VHA Directive 1170.01, Accreditation of VHA Rehabilitation Programs 5-9-17
VHA Directive 1325 Gulf War Registry 6-1-17
VHA Directive 1411 HBPC Special Population PACT Program 6-5-17
VHA Directive 1502 Homeless Vet Contact and Referal Mgmt 6-7-17
VHA Directive 1503 Operations of Vet Crisis Line Contact Ctr 5-31-17
VHA Directive 1601A.02 Eligibility Determination 6-7-17
VHA Directive 1850.06 Waste Mgmt Program 5-19-17