VA Optometry Service Conference Call 03-17-17

VA Optometry Service Conference Call Minutes 3-17-17

Open Optometry Positions

VHA Directive 1330.01 Health Care Services for Women Veterans 2-15-17
VHA Directive 1305 Tx of Active Duty-reserve component svc members in VAHC facilities 3-10-17
VHA Directive 1215 Standards for VHA Centers of Excellence 2-14-17
VHA Directive 1200.02 Research Business Operations 3-10-17
VHA Directive 1108.07 Pharmacy General Requirements 3-10-17
VHA Directive 1108.06 Inpatient Pharmacy Services 2-8-17
VHA Directive 1107 VA Fisher Houses and Other Temporary Lodging 3-10-17
DAEO Gift Guidance 2017
Reflex Confirmatory Testing for Hepatitis C Virus Infection
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