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The National Association of VA Optometrists (NAVAO) is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1977. The objectives of the NAVAO are to encourage and promote the best possible primary eye and vision care for our nation’s Veterans and to promote the education, training, professional growth, and welfare of optometric staff, research/clinical fellows, residents, and students. The NAVAO is also dedicated to fostering camaraderie and professional development among VA optometrists. Any VA staff, attending, consultant, research/clinical fellow, resident optometrist, or any other optometrist having an interest in VA optometry is eligible for membership.

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Response to NAVAO Letter

In May of 2017, the Disabled Veterans internet site suggested a proposal to eliminate optometry and audiology services at VA facilities.  Under the proposal, Veterans would be outsourced to civilian facilities for optometry services.  NAVAO Read more…